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Worker Health Charts

National Occupational Mortality Surveillance (NOMS)

National Occupational Mortality Surveillance (NOMS)

NIOSH National Occupational Mortality Surveillance (NOMS) is a partnership between NIOSH, NCHS and vital statistics jurisdictions that provides periodic surveillance of work-related mortality among US workers. The program protects workers by evaluating the size and extent of disease mortality in association with occupation and industry settings. NOMS does this by providing data to identify new risks or confirm existing risks for occupational disease mortality that can point to opportunities for prevention and further study. For more information on data and PMRs see National Occupational Mortality Surveillance | NOMS | NIOSH | CDC or email

Available Charts

The following data set is available from NOMS to chart. Select the "Create Charts" button to access the charting tool.

Cause of Death (NOMS 2020-2021)
National Occupational Mortality Surveillance (NOMS)

These charts show age-adjusted Proportionate Mortality Ratios (PMRs), or the proportion of deaths due to a specific cause for workers in one occupation or industry group divided by the proportion of deaths due to that cause in all workers. You can chart 42 Cause of Death groupings by Occupation (22 categories + Military and Housewife) and by Industry (20 categories + Military). PMRs are also available by age, sex, race and Hispanic ethnicity although there may be few deaths in some categories. PMRs with fewer than 10 deaths in an occupation or industry group who died of specific outcome are not displayed.

Data include all decedents 18-90 for 2020 (46 states and NYC) and 2021 (49 states and NYC) who had usual industry and/or occupation information available on their death certificate. Data and documentation used in these charts are from the Public Use Data available from the NCHS Vital Statistics Data website.

If you see this note, “No records were found that match the selected chart options,” it means that no records match the criteria entered. “All cause of death” is not applicable for NOMS WHCs because the proportion of all deaths in a worker population (100% of deaths) divided by the proportion of all deaths in everyone (100% of deaths) times 100 is equal to a PMR of 100 for all industries and occupations.