OIICS Code Trees

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  • The search function looks for exact matches in code titles, the descriptive information, and the alphabetic indices.
  • Enter a partial or whole word, phrase, or code number. Do not use quotes or wildcard characters.
  • Click on Find Button. A linked list of matches will appear below the Search box.
  • Click on any of the search results and the OIICS tree will expand to show the match.
  • See Help with Online Code Trees for search examples.
  • Use partial words or phrases or singular words
  • Use broader related terms
  • Review the descriptive information of matched results (the search term may be an exclusion).
  • If your search terms are not listed in the code titles or descriptive information, they were identified from the alphabetical indices (see the manual).
Page last reviewed: December 9, 2023
Content source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Division of Safety Research