National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Survey Methods and Analytic Guidelines

Plan and Operations Reports

Description Documentation
Plan and Initial Program of the Health Examination Survey [PDF - 9.22 MB]
Origin, Program, and Operation of the U.S. National Health Survey [PDF - 3.88 MB]

Sample Design and Estimation Procedures

Description Documentation
Cycle I of the Health Examination Survey: Sample and Response. United States 1960-1962 (September 1974) [PDF - 2.64 MB]

Other Survey Methods Reports

Description Documentation
Cooperation in Health Examination Surveys [PDF - 2.6 MB]
Replication - An Approach to the Analysis of Data From Complex Surveys [PDF - 3.6 MB]
Pseudoreplication Further Evaluation and Application of the Balanced Half-Sample Technique [PDF - 2.55 MB]
Factors Related to Response in a Health Survey, United States 1960-1962 [PDF - 3.57 MB]
Quality Control in a National Health Examination Survey [PDF - 2.31 MB]

Analytic Guidelines

Description Documentation
Analytic and Reporting Guidelines: The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, NHANES III (1988-1994) [PDF - 182 KB]
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: Analytic Guidelines, 1999-2010
The Analytic Guidelines for the 1999-2010 cycles of the Continuous NHANES is an update of the NHANES III Analytic Guidelines and may be used for any NHANES
[PDF – 734 KB]