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NHES I (1959-1962)


The National Health Examination Survey, Cycle I (NHES I) was conducted on a nationwide probability sample of approximately 7,800 persons 18-79 years of age. Upon completion of the cycle, 7,710 sample persons had been interviewed; of these, 6,672 were examined. Adjusted sampling weights were computed to inflate the sample so as to closely reflect the 111 million persons 18-79 years of age in the noninstitutionalized civilian population of the United States at the midpoint of the survey.

Data from NHES I are organized by subject. The person and demographic characteristics data is a master intended for use in conjunction with any or all other data in the set. It contains demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic classification information not available on most of the other data files, along with the sample weight for each examined person. A uniform sequence number on all data permits the user to merge any of the data files.

Contents in Detail

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Examination Component Methods Reports

Using the Data

Survey Methods and Analytic Guidelines

Data, Documentation, Codebooks, SAS Code

Description Data SAS Code Documentation
README - SAS Input Conventions [PDF - 18 KB]
Demographic Characteristics I, 1001 [TXT - 874 KB] [SAS - 8 KB] [PDF - 2.1 MB]
Psychological Distress I, 1002 [TXT - 874 KB] [SAS - 9 KB] [PDF - 2.3 MB]
Physical Measurements I, 1003 [TXT - 874 KB] [SAS - 5 KB] [PDF - 1.7 MB]
Cardiovascular Data I, 1004 [TXT - 1.6 MB] [SAS - 18 KB] [PDF - 3.5 MB]
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis I, 1005 [TXT - 352 KB] [SAS - 4 KB] [PDF - 1.9 MB]
Dental Findings I, 1006 [TXT - 352 KB] [SAS - 3 KB] [PDF - 1.7 MB]
Diabetes Findings I, 1007 [TXT - 535 KB] [SAS - 6 KB] [PDF - 1.5 MB]
Vision Data I, 1008 [TXT - 502 KB] [SAS - 4 KB] [PDF - 1.5 MB]