National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Reference Manual and Reports

Reference Manual

Description Documentation
Health Examination Survey - Cycle II, Staff Instruction Manual (Available Upon Request) Contact CDC-INFO
Department Health Examination Survey - Cycle III Field Staff Procedure Manual (Available Upon Request)

Examination Component Methods Reports

Description Documentation
Evaluation of Psychological Measures Used in the Health Examination Survey of children, ages 6-11 [PDF - 5.9 MB]
Calibration of Two Bicycle Ergometers Used by the Health Examination Survey [PDF - 3.2 MB]
Study of the Achievement Test Used in the Health Examination Surveys of Persons Aged 6-17 Years [PDF - 5.4 MB]
Orthodontic Treatment Priority Index [PDF - 4 MB]
Loudness Balance Study of Selected Audiometer Earphones [PDF - 3 MB]
Subtest Estimates of the WISC Full Scale IQ's for Children [PDF - 3.4 MB]
Language and Adjustment Scales for the Thematic Apperception Test for Children 6-11 Years [PDF - 5.4 MB]
Methodologic Problems in Children's Spirometry [PDF - 3.4 MB]
The Construction and Utility of Three Indexes of Intellectual Achievement: An Intellectual-Development (ID) Index A Socio-intellectual-Status (S1S) Index A Differential-intellectual-Development (DID) Index U.S. Children and Youths, 6-17 Years [PDF - 2.2 MB]