National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

NHANES 2009-2010 Procedure Manuals

These manuals are part of the protocol for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. Manuals listed below were developed for interviewer and examiner training. These are important references for NHANES as all correct procedures, policies, and standards are comprehensively detailed. Dates on the first page of each manual reflect the most recent revision.


Manual Name Document
Laboratory [PDF - 8.9 MB]


Manual Name Document
Anthropometry (Body Measures) [PDF - 4.7 MB]
Audiometry [PDF - 4.2 MB]
Blood Pressure (Health Tech) [PDF - 1.4 MB]
Dietary Interviewer - In-Person [PDF - 6.9 MB]
Dietary Interviewer - Phone Follow-Up [PDF - 7.8 MB]
Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Scan [PDF - 3.6 MB]
Home Urine [PDF - 1 MB]
HPV Oral Rinse [PDF - 486 KB]
MEC Interviewer [PDF - 12.2 MB]
Oral Glucose Tolerance [PDF - .4 MB]
Oral Health (Dental Examiner) [PDF - 2.4 MB]
Physician [PDF - 5.5 MB]
Respiratory Health - Bronchodilator [PDF - 1 MB]
Respiratory Health - Exhaled Nitric Oxide [PDF - 1.8 MB]
Respiratory Health - Spirometry [PDF - 1.4 MB]
Volatile Organic Compounds and Perchlorate [PDF - 1.1 MB]
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