National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

NHANES 2017-2018 Limited Access Data

These datasets are not released to the public. However, secure, on-site access is granted through NCHS's Research Data Center (RDC) to guarantee the confidentiality of the survey participants. The documents below are provided to help analysts determine if these NHANES datasets contain variables relevant to their analyses before submitting an application to use the RDC.
Data File NameDoc FileData FileDate Published
Drug Use - Youth DUQY_J_R Doc RDC Only February 2020
Mental Health - Depression Screener - Youth DPQY_J_R Doc RDC Only February 2020
Reproductive Health - Women 12 Years and Older RHQ_J_R Doc RDC Only February 2020
Page last reviewed: 2/21/2020